PAG 2015 Workshop Videos now Available

Thanks for stopping by our booth and workshop at PAG 2015. We were honored to have a series of spectacular guest speakers present at our corporate talk, “Applying novel enzyme solutions for AgriGenomics.”  Their presentations were recorded and are included below for your enjoyment:

Dr. Bart Weimer | UC Davis
Large-scale microbial genomics & host/microbe interactions.

Dr. Riccardo Velasco | Fondazione Edmund Mach
A cost-effective strategy for marker assisted selection (MAS) in apple (M. pumila Mill.): The experience from the Fondazione Edmund Mach programme for resistance and quality traits.

Dr. Chia-Lin Wei | DOE Joint Genome Institute
System-wide transcriptome analysis delineate lipid regulatory pathways in microalgae.

If you would like to read more about the abstracts or the guest speakers, please visit the event page.

Thanks again to our guest speakers for their participation in this incredible workshop, and we look forward to future collaborations.